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Part I - Business plan and Strategy

We have entered the world of automation, artificial intelligence and disruption: Jobs are getting scarce in certain industries or disappearing altogether. If you tried to look for a job, you probably already realized that you can’t secure anything even if you never had trouble before. This is not about you, but more about having a profile not suited to this new market. If you are not in a highly "in demand" domain like software, digital or health, you may struggle to find work. As a consequence, you can either pick a new career in something new and build a training plan around this new project or start embarking the solopreneur journey.

The business plan:

A business plan is a detailed plan setting your objectives and providing you with a roadmap. It is a great tool to keep you structured and hence motivated. Your business plan can be as short as one page.

Quick tips:

Structure your idea into a concrete project. Think about all aspects of your business, including all possible case scenarios. Identify needs for funding / personnel / partners / services.

The following key orientation questions will guide you to start a perfect business plan:

- Why do you want to start this business?

- What is your product?

- Who are your ideal target clients?

- Do you have clients ready to buy?

- How much funding do you have?

- What are your strengths and weaknesses? (this part will be important)

The Company Strategy

You need to know how to position your brand. Look at the below examples for guidance in how to build a strategy.

EasyJet is on the « Low Cost » flights market. Dior is only on the « Luxury » fashion market. Apple is on the « High-end » electronics equipment market.

TIP 1: Build on your strengths

TIP 2: Stay focused

Now is the best time to make a move! Building your own career solution is not just a resource against unemployment but also a huge source of career and life fulfilment.

I want to hear from you, what is your biggest barrier to starting your own activity at the moment?

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