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The intrapreneur workweek

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Do you think your workload could get done in less time?

In December 2021, The United Arab Emirates adopted the 4.5 day workweek. There are also discussions on a 4 day week. In the end, I think what people need is flex options.

Why I think an intrapreneur week would be great for business productivity:

- You could work with your own style à la carte according to your needs and energy levels.

Morning people could come at 5 am if they wish, night people work after hours. Only one rule : the output that is agreed on is delivered.

- Work in the morning, mixed work/play time in the afternoon may produce much better outputs for the individual and the company.

- High achievers need stimulation, fresh opportunities and challenge.

- Changing settings, environments even bosses regularly prevent burnout, fatigue, lack of opportunities.

- Creativity can only happen when a person feels as little disturbance, pressure and obligations as possible. A creative mind is a free mind.

If you want the best out of your staff, why not give them space, time and freedom? The intrapreneur workweek may be a bit stretched at first but the best talents would be thrilled to work differently and get challenged.

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