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Creating career opportunities

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

"When I was 18, I wanted to go to California and experience the lifestyle I had only seen on TV via series and movies. I was optimistic and determined to succeed. After a good 15 years of career trials and errors in Los Angeles, Paris, and Geneva working for some of the biggest companies in the world and suffering medical problems, I said stop. Stop to the 9 to 6, stop to the heavy commutes, stop to never making anyone satisfied around me. It was time to make a change! I decided to become an online entrepreneur and consultant."

Can you make a huge career shift with zero experience? How much do you really want to create opportunities for yourself? Being an employee is one form of work but learn how to create your own opportunities and sources of income and you do not have to wait until your boss makes decisions for you.

You will find how to become a trusted expert in your industry, build your brand, and develop a strong network. You always wanted to know how some people get the best job offers, best paychecks, and become considered as top-shelf talent? Read this book and you will hold the keys to become the “in- demand” expert with a full inbox of offers!


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