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Jobs in switzerland.

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

What are the market trends in Switzerland to help you find a job quicker?

Swiss market basic statistics by the Adecco Group - 2018

·     Advertised jobs have grown +25.3% year-on-year 

·     Candidates have never been more optimistic

·     Temporary jobs grew by 15.3% year-on-year 

·     Romandie is growing followed by the Oriental part of Switzerland

To access the full report, you can click HERE

Sectors where you can hope to find work in Switzerland

Growing opportunities

·     IT

·     Pharma

·     Engineering

·     Med-Tech

·     Sales

·     Food services

·     Hotel Industry

·     Finishing trade & Construction

·     Banking

Declining opportunities

·     Administration

·     HR services

·     Procurement

Placement agencies & companies with the most advertised opportunities in Switzerland:

Placement / Interim agencies

·     Universal-Job

·     Adecco 

·     Stellentreff

·     Kelly Services

·     EUPRO

·     Manpower

·     Randstad

·     Careerplus

·     swissinterim


·     Coop

·     Manor

·     Lombard Odier

·     Swisscom

·     Deloitte

·     Clinic Hirslanden

·     AXA Winterthur

·     Partners Group AG

Tips to improve your market potential:

·     Define your skills and how you could use them on the Swiss market

·     Build a great Swiss CV/Letter

·     Start building a diversified job search strategy

Feel free to also watch my video: HOW TO LOOK FOR A JOB to get more resources.

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