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Frequently Asked questions

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Check this section first and you may have your preliminary questions covered.


Q: I am a Non-EU passport holder, what are my chances of getting a job in Switzerland?

A: As a Non-EU passport, it is complicated to get a job offer these days, unless you work strictly for International Organizations markets (United Nations, Global Fund..), sometimes in technical fields such as High Tech / AI or Digital, Data Science, you could strike an opportunity. If you are following a partner and getting a work permit, it is a different story, your options will broaden.

Q: I don't speak French, nor German, can I apply for a job in Switzerland?

A: You can do so only if the job does not require fluent French or German. You have to be honest about your language skills. I recommend you get a European standard test on your language skills. The best is to get certified via an assessment. Check Berlitz's online.

Q: What if I don't have a budget for coaching services?

A: You can save funds to get support from a professional like me at a later stage and you can check my free information for the time being.

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