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Work in Switzerland.

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Why is it so difficult to plug in your international skills to a job in Switzerland? I provide you with the step-by-step on how to plug your skills to a potential career in Switzerland.

If you are new to my material (videos, Q&A…), I want to preview some skills which will increase your chances of success in your Swiss job search.

-      Master the Trilingual status (French, English AND German)

-      Become a Specialist in a highly demanded field in Switzerland

-      Learn how to sell yourself

-      Laser focus on your career objective

Your motivation / strengths and goals

The first step in plugging your current skills to a Swiss job is to do your personal check-up or diagnostic if you wish. Depending on your past roles and experiences, your previous work life may not be a “plug and play” with a Swiss career.

How to move forward?

The best way to move forward is to start. Taking a first step is the beginning of getting out of a career rut. Sometimes frustration about the lack of local knowledge mixed with lack of support will generate status quo. You will find below the blueprint to move forward on your career project:

Identify your current needs (family, money, time)Identify your goal, then work backwards from there, what do you need to do now to achieve this goal? Identify which jobs are growing in Switzerland by checking online job boards and selecting *Switzerland in the search engine to get a full picture of the market.

Selected job boards

For professionals: jobup / jobs/ topjobs / Neuvoo

For students: Academicwork / Graduateland

My final nuggets of wisdom would be as follow:

-      Contribute regularly to Swiss-based communities in your city (online or offline)

-      Build up expertise in a specific topic that is of interest in your city

-      Build up your profile (online or offline)

These activities take longer than building a new resume/cover letter, but will bring you much better results.

You want to know more about work in Switzerland? Check this video: GET A JOB IN 48 HOURS.

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